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The Round Church has two antique musical instruments which may be used at weddings by qualified musicians.

The organ is a small chamber organ built by an unknown builder sometime in the first half of the nineteenth century. It has two ranks of pipes with two stops: 8(FT) - diapason or Gedeckt; 4(FT) - principal(wood). The 4 (FT) is controlled by a foot peddle and the 8(FT) by the stops or 2 base knobs. There is a foot pump as well as an electric blower. 

It is believed the organ was built in western New York, circa 1820.  A group of Richmond residents formed an 1820 Organ Acquisition Committee in 2000 to raise money to purchase the organ, which was given to the Town of Richmond for use in the Round Church.

Melodeons are an early type of reed organ. The one in the Round Church is a piano-style reed organ, manufactured by J. Estey & Co. of Brattleboro, Vermont, numbered 17817 and dating between 1867 and 1870. It was donated to the Richmond Historical Society for use in the Round Church in 1981.